10 Things You Need To Know Before Pregnant

Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant is not only a blissful experience; it is the threshold of huge and recurring responsibility of parenting. Therefore before being pregnant a lady should take manifold issues in count, which not only includes her personal wellness and future road map of balancing life, she should think and plan about her extended family management, doctor selection, diet planning, and many more other factors related to motherhood and mothering.

Are you planning for a pregnancy? Are you feeling excited about the mothering a baby by your own? However, it is better to think twice before you plunge into an action, so is about pregnancy too. Wait a while and take a look at the things you should remember and evaluate before taking the baby out of your brain.

Things To Consider Before Getting Pregnant

Visit Your Doctor For A Health Check Up

You are planning to get pregnant and it is a 9-month long journey before you bring the baby on the world from your womb. For natural reason you have to give the baby the best health backup and nutrition from you, and that is the reason before getting pregnant you need to know if you are healthy enough to be a mother.

Take a complete health checkup and if necessary take an appointment with your dietician. Besides present health condition, you need to know how you can retain the healthy body though the pregnancy period.

Get A Genetic Screening

Genetic screening has become an essential verification for parents planning for their baby. This includes checking of blood group, checking of genetic history of both the families as well as checking for the present health condition of both the parents. In case any discrepancies are found, it is wise to take an appointment with the gynecologist or the genetic counselor for deciding the next roadmap for planning and nurturing a healthy baby in the mother’s womb. You must consider about genetic screening too.

Bring Healthy Modification In Lifestyle

Planning to get pregnant? You must incorporate some healthy modification inn your lifestyle to enjoy a hassle free pregnancy period and ensure good health of your baby. Some of the recommended modifications are:

  • Strictly avoid alcohol and habit of smoking if any.
  • Check your caffeine intake that means you have to reduce your tea and coffee consumption.
  • You need to take adequate rest at night.
  • You should put a conscious control on your binge eating.
  • Avoid chances of infection Avoid eating outside as maximum as possible and take care of your drinking water quality. 

Take Care Of Your Healthy Diet

Before getting pregnant you need to take special care for your diet. While antioxidant rich foods are good for overall health improvement and robust immunity, you must include some vitamin D, protein, and omega3 fatty acid based foods that is being considered these days as super helpful for your baby’s brain development. The moment you will start planning for a pregnancy, you should start taking a folic acid supplement or include foods in your diet chart that are rich in folic acid.

Avoid intake of carbonated drinks and all sorts of junk foods to avoid extra calorie intake. Extra body weight sometime may act as a hindrance for getting pregnant. For detail diet chart, speak to a dietician.

Try To Gain/Reduce Body Weight For Maintaining Healthy Weight

Speak to your doctor and get information about the ideal body weight you should have according to your age and height. Try hard to achieve the weight either by shedding or by gaining it under a specific exercise program.

You may not get immediate result out of the program but once you start following this exercise program diligently you will feel much fresh and energized. A healthy body and mind can carry a pregnancy with better ease.

Visit Your Dentist’s Chamber

Do not forget checking your oral health before you plan for getting pregnant. It is well observed that ladies who take care of their periodontal health before they conceive, enjoy better health during pregnancy as well as after delivery of the baby.

Do The Financial Planning

Before you get pregnant consider the cost of the delivery as well as the complete fund management for baby’s patenting at least till 3 months after delivery. This is a simple way you can enjoy the pregnancy period and take care of your health without worrying much about the expense. Speak to your insurance company for the adequate coverage, or check if you /your husband’s employer is liable to pay you the delivery cost. In this case, take all details about the formalities so that you can get prepared from the beginning.

Detect The Time When You Will Ovulate

Ask your doctor about the best time when you should try to get pregnant. Calculate the best fertile period in your ovulation cycle according to your ovulation calendar. It is medically proven that if you try getting pregnant on your most fertile days, you are most likely to be successful at least effort.

Withdraw All Types Of Birth Control Medicine/Device

When you have planned for your pregnancy, you should immediately withdraw uses of all types of birth control medicine/device. This will initiate your well-deserved pregnancy faster.

Although you have planned well for your pregnancy, sometime it may take little while to get the fruit matured in your womb. Meanwhile, lead a happy stress-free life and enjoy life till you get the green signal that you have stepped on the onset of maternity.

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